Life Management 101 & Workbook
Life Management 101 & Workbook

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Author: Christine Pechstein

In this 55 minute recorded Life Management lecture, you'll learn how to build a solid foundation that allows you to use your time, energy, and resources to successfully live your precious priorities while eliminating the stress and chaos you don't need and want.

You'll also receive your workbook download, "Every Successful Journey Begins With A MAP: My Action Plan."

You'll learn things to help you gain:

  • More time
  • More energy
  • Better use of your resources
  • Peace from the 24 hour rule
  • Filtering tools to eliminate unnecessary tasks and obligations
  • Confidence in saying "No' with ease when you need to
  • An understanding to manage and re adjust for your seasons of life
  • And more!

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Every Successful Journey Begins With A MAP: My Action Plan

This is the workbook you'll use to prepare for your Life Management Action Plan. You may wish to print it. This book is protected by copyright. It is only for your personal use. You may not make photo copies or distribute by any electronic means without written permission from Christine Pechstein.

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