Interviewing Is An Art, Part 2
Interviewing Is An Art, Part 2

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Author: Christine Pechstein

This is the second video in the series.
Have you ever wondered how to make an interviewer remember YOU above your competition?

After all, you’re not the only person competing for a job in today’s tough economy and tight job market!

What do you need to succeed?

You need simple yet effective guidance and coaching materials that are not only easy to use, but that quickly teach you how to set yourself apart and become a more memorable candidate! And you’ll find them here! This is the first lecture in a two-part series.

Learn how to accurately paint a picture to show an employer exactly what you are capable of!

  • Focus on your skills
  • Focus on your talents
  • Focus on your experience
  • Design it to match the job description
  • Show your interviewer in ways they will remember you specifically
  • Use imagery and examples
  • Put yourself to work in their mind while they interview you
  • Make yourself stand out from the crowd
  • Practice with the tools included and be ready